Maze of the Blue Medusa

Session 16


This week, we started in chase-mode. Luchadoriole and Russet tracked the Curator north through known territory, up past Chronia. The tracks led through an art exhibit surrounded by starved art critics, who ignored the party thanks to Luchadoriole (dressed as an art-man.) Confrontation avoided!

I think you guys found a stained glass window of a black desert with two things in the periphery, and also a petrified-flesh column. Otto depetrified a little of it and regretted it because it was gross.

We ended in a room previously cordoned off (video-game-style) by a velvet rope across two bronze columns, where the group lost track of the Curator. The floor is a world map, and a voice (described as Sigourney Weaver) spoke, saying "Welcome, it's been a looong time."


allens1015 allens1015

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