Maze of the Blue Medusa

Session 14

Face pots

This time, you guys tried real hard to open the Avarice skull door. Classy stood outside and dealt with the vines, after providing the key. You found a room full of jars with faces! One dumped 500 gold after being opened, but took on Otto's face when it happened. Upon taking them out of the room, they spoke "I am being stolen" calmly forever. Luchadoriole became Magneto.

Otto made you some light bridges to cross the scary endless pits and you all found yourselves back in the vineway, following a jeweled bird-construct. It led you into hostile orchidmen, who you killed easily. Classy smashed the bird into pieces after Luchadoriole tried to Magneto-grab it, but Otto fixed it after. Sleepytimes.


allens1015 allens1015

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