Maze of the Blue Medusa

Session 11

Information Overload

Here's the interactive map link:

This session, you guys resolved the mechanical bird thing, and I gave you all a map. The CEO-bird climbed up a tall-ass pole with the mechano-bird's chain while Classy coaxed it over, and released it. After flubbing-not-flubbing some rolls, the robot peacock ran out crashing through Charmington's lair.

After punching a couple skeletons to death, you spent a day in a library full of information, and gained a primitive knowledge of all rooms in the maze. Charmington seems to have some knowledge about the people in the maze. Visic knows about that one room. Vartik hums like a whale.

You guys agonized over directions for a while but ended up going after Montagu (after releasing a spectral singing bird.) We ended with the group in a battle of wits against the Cryptosaur, last of her kind.


allens1015 allens1015

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