Maze of the Blue Medusa

Session 18

This time we were short on players, so not a whole lot happened.

You guys left the map room after debating which direction to go. The options were to try and best the moon-man Torgos Zooth and his DC-Comics-Bane-Badger-friend and Pan's-Labyrinth-Snake-Hand-Eye-friend, or go south, in the direction you came from. Being light on people you went south.

After a short altercation with the Bondye Reparaté, space-janitors who thought you were Loa and offered granola bars, you continued south into the 4D-Willow room and got jumped by a couple Chameleon-ladies. Classy saw them but opted to stick her tongue out at them rather than do anything. They webbed Classy and Jisu to the floor and opened a portal in the willow, from which a feral looking chameleon man with a pearlescent orb and 2 emaciated humanoids stepped through. The gateway led to a solid, almost monochromatic room made of stone. That's a boring sentence to end on.

Session 17
No one else talk tonight okay

This week I talked for 2 hrs and told you all what's up.

You guys chased the Curator into a giant mosaic map-room made of a seemingly unlimited number of colored bricks. Someone identifying themselves as Loa used them bricks to hold the Curator in place, and asked what you wanted to do with it.

The choice was basically hold fornow, hold forever, or kill, and kill was the result. Curator done gone, down into the bricky sea.

The map-room was a map room of the world (Mlot) and the voice claimed to be a proto-god. It said that mortals are its powerless descendants, and it pitied you. It wants to raise mortals back up from their powerlessness, but has rules it needs to abide by- historically, it gave the Elephant King the gift of foresight, and the Perfect Three their gifts. Both were misused and wasted, the Medusa took both.

Its request: Go to the south pole, the Cobalt Reach. Find the pool in the cave. Draw its mark on an item of your choosing. Take that item to three locations in the world. At each location, find and kill a guardian, then find a stone seal and break it. Return to the pool at the Cobalt Reach within one year, and the Loa's mark will be forever inscribed in the surface of Mlot, and each of you will gain temporary near-unlimited power to change your world. Any who walk your path- from the Reach to each location and back- will gain the same boon.

Luchadoriole thought it was a waste- you  all have the capacity to change your world without introducing chaos like this. Classy was into it completely. I think Otto and Jisu were down, though people did point out some holes in the Loa's story. It did not attempt to answer your inquiries there.

It did tell you the direction of an exit to the maze, however. Whether or not you guys do that and do what it wants is a decision that's still up in the air, I think.

Session 16

This week, we started in chase-mode. Luchadoriole and Russet tracked the Curator north through known territory, up past Chronia. The tracks led through an art exhibit surrounded by starved art critics, who ignored the party thanks to Luchadoriole (dressed as an art-man.) Confrontation avoided!

I think you guys found a stained glass window of a black desert with two things in the periphery, and also a petrified-flesh column. Otto depetrified a little of it and regretted it because it was gross.

We ended in a room previously cordoned off (video-game-style) by a velvet rope across two bronze columns, where the group lost track of the Curator. The floor is a world map, and a voice (described as Sigourney Weaver) spoke, saying "Welcome, it's been a looong time."

Session 15
That poor Tiger

After sleepytimes, Jisu woke up to find a stone tiger circling the sleepy party. It grilled him with questions about how beautiful it was. Everyone woke up and told it about its beautiful features while noticing its flaws. It seemed mostly satisfied with the responses, but upon leaving, it noticed its dead bird friend, and started investigating. Luchadoriole hugged it, then Jisu stabbed it. Turns out it was less stone and more flesh.

A murderparty ensued and a giant hand broke through the wall. Charmington, who was abused by the liontiger, said it was the Curator. Luchadoriole broke off one of its fingers and it ran away, clearly all mad. Next session we continue the chase?

That's about it- I just made you guys fight junk for 2 hrs apparently womp womp

Session 14
Face pots

This time, you guys tried real hard to open the Avarice skull door. Classy stood outside and dealt with the vines, after providing the key. You found a room full of jars with faces! One dumped 500 gold after being opened, but took on Otto's face when it happened. Upon taking them out of the room, they spoke "I am being stolen" calmly forever. Luchadoriole became Magneto.

Otto made you some light bridges to cross the scary endless pits and you all found yourselves back in the vineway, following a jeweled bird-construct. It led you into hostile orchidmen, who you killed easily. Classy smashed the bird into pieces after Luchadoriole tried to Magneto-grab it, but Otto fixed it after. Sleepytimes.

Session 13
This is a TV show and these are all episodes

Otto, driven by his need for planets and moon-guardians, convinced the group to check out the nearby orrery.

Taking the un-trapped secret door to the southwest, you found a room filled with knick-knacks. Classy found a glowing moth named Corbin who hangs out with murderers, Otto found 7 stone salve jars with a note from the L.G. to use them wisely, and Luchadoriole found a penangallan named Oenanthe. She's into drugs. Lucha convinced her that the Maniphant, her charge, is totally okay and on vacation with the Cryptosaur but don't go looking in that room, it's all fine. She joined the party I guess, but is candy-flipping right now so don't ask her stuff.

After passing through Rebecca Black's funerary room, you guys found an orrery overrun with vines. Charmington reminded you that vines have historically never done a good thing for anyone. After murdering helpless vines to release the orrery's mechanisms, Otto gained hazy glimpses of the future. Luchadoriole didn't know what he was looking at.

On the other side of the room, Classy and Jisu discovered a stone door inscribed with the phrase "let those without avarice enter" and a golden skull-handle with a keyhole. Charmy tried to open the door with the key you guys had but it didn't work. This seems like a future-Jisu-job to me!

Also I think Otto found a man on the orrery's moon with an axe in front of a ziggurat/spire, which are 2 different things I know. We're working on it. He took the tiny axe.

Session 12
I forgot some things

This time, I forgot to write up a write-up for 3 weeks. Also this time, you matched wits with the Cryptosaur, last of her kind, a dinosaur-riddle-sphinx from the Jurassic era. She found your wits sufficient. CEO hid in a pile of bodies and left forever, and emerging from the fleshy hill was Ted "Dan" Hugh Man. The Cryptosaur is alive and you better not tell her riddles to anyone. She pointed you at the Maniphant.

Upon seeing a clean room to the left and a dingy room to the right, you all went right, towards Quadri-Glotta, the Prophetic Maniphant. No one questioned what those words meant.

The Maniphant was a man-elephant with four tongues that shouted secrets, most of which I have forgotten. One important one was that there were 3 exits to the maze: one would change nothing, one would change a little instantly, and one would change a lot in the future.

Otto killed it with a boulder. From its mangled tongue-corpse people found a ring of SR 15, a CHA ioun stone, and  CON ioun stone. I don't remember what else. 2 secret doors though!

Session 11
Information Overload

Here's the interactive map link:

This session, you guys resolved the mechanical bird thing, and I gave you all a map. The CEO-bird climbed up a tall-ass pole with the mechano-bird's chain while Classy coaxed it over, and released it. After flubbing-not-flubbing some rolls, the robot peacock ran out crashing through Charmington's lair.

After punching a couple skeletons to death, you spent a day in a library full of information, and gained a primitive knowledge of all rooms in the maze. Charmington seems to have some knowledge about the people in the maze. Visic knows about that one room. Vartik hums like a whale.

You guys agonized over directions for a while but ended up going after Montagu (after releasing a spectral singing bird.) We ended with the group in a battle of wits against the Cryptosaur, last of her kind.

Session 10
Professor Charmington

Faced with the freezy-paralysis caused by some sort of arterial glass-man filled with sand, you guys used sweet talks and fascinating rods to force it to stand down. Jisu was freed, Russet broke its chains, and it left and touched the 4-dimensional tree and disappeared. Chronia didn't seem to care or notice.

Everyone got stuff! There was dragonhide armor, Shatterspike, a Boulder hammer, and a shock dagger. Also, some dispel magic and a CLW wand at level 3 with 15 charges.

Luchadoriole saw a ruby hummingbird and ignored it. Everyone heard discordant, upsetting singing and decided to follow it east. You found a sentient, southern-drawl-y rocking pig who you named Professor Charmington, Pig.H.D. He/she joined the cast of sentient objects along with Visic and Vartik. He/she mentioned Aeldefadred the Glyph Witch and Rinaldini aka Ringatoni, in response to "why are all these bird-men here?"

You guys found a room containing an ongoing fight: 6 bird-men were corralling a 10-foot-tall bronze peacock spewing darkness clouds into the norther corner of a room, while skeletons of dead bird-men assaulted them. You think the bronze bird made them dead. They all ran to the southeast exit, while the singing remains to the north.

I guess you guys are trying to find a way out now, after learning that Dendrosathol is an arch-devil. Who knows though.

Session 9
That dumb rope

This time I prepped 12 different directions but missed #13 and you guys took #13. You win! You won the game. That was the game.

Anyway Classy wanted to know where to go, so she drank the Whiskey of the Heavy Moors and was pointed in either of 2 directions: she felt hopeful about the center-south room from Chronia's room, but duty-bound towards the east door. Everyone saw lights and went east.

After messing with a 4-dimensional weeping willow the bard saw a cardboard box and ran at it. The box was filled with suicide notes from depressed artists. A rope nearby animated and tried to hang him and everyone else, and we completed a 45 minute combat with a 4-foot-long rope. I think Jisu ate some rope, everyone else burned/chopped it until it couldn't do anything else.

You guys found a being made out of glass tubes where blood vessels would be, which were filled with flowing colory sand. In front were 4 paralyzed Oku (birdmen). The glassy-tubey thing was chained to the wall with golden links, spoke to all of you as "Fulvious," and demanded release, promising rewards. Upon denial, he released one of the Oku and paralyzed Jisu.


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