Maze of the Blue Medusa

Session 1
2-Coin Jisu

New campaign time, combining groups. Jisu, Bondi, Classy Asstrid, and (this time) Lem are given a get out of jail free card from the crumbling Lizardman empire: find a man named Dendrosathol inside a painting, bring him out alive, and they will have earned their freedom.

Bondi did stuff with lizards, Classy touched the wrong ass, and Jisu stole something important.

Jisu let a lady go, then found 2 coins in a rug while everyone talked to an art-focused Lady Capilli, who gave Bondi a pencil and paper to write a short autobiography. They found an Escher staircase and ran away, then a shadow-pit room, a garden with some too-touchy statues and vines, and a pig with a man-face. Everyone killed some people in bird masks!


  • Lem tried to Pied-Piper them statues
  • Jisu Kachoot hid from everything and everyone
  • Bondi electrocuted bird-person
  • Classy stabbed bird-person
  • Lem told jokes to a horrible man-pig pig-man

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