Maze of the Blue Medusa

Session 19

So Many Things

This time, we immediately started in initiative combat. Jisu, Classy, and Luchadoriole squared off against 2 more of those damn scaly bastards (chameleon women) and their newly called-forth-from-the-darkness buddies the Negamancer and his 2 human thralls (wraiths according to Classy.) You all killed the saurid negamancer's human pets like 5 or 6 times but he kept bringing them back. Eventually Luchadoriole grabbed him and Jisu stabb'd, and that was that. The lizardladies got away.

Jisu got a book talking about Nyctopolis and the Nyctocaust, and also a cursing dagger. Classy found a harmonica but didn't play it right. Everyone dumped the 3 bodies back into the portal, and Jisu rolled the negamancer's orb on through down a dark, grimy hallway. No one opted to go in.

Luchadoriole was real mad at the ladies and wanted to chase, it's his instinct. The group said no. They went through Chronia's room and delivered the drug-Penanngallan Oenanthe to the drug-dog. Luchadoriole convinced Oenanthe to squeeze some of her intestines-blood into Vartik's skull cavity and created a weird Frank Reynolds skull-man.

Things came to a head as Luchadoriole was desperate for a win. He couldn't chase the scaley women because of the group. He wanted to reunite Charmington with the Medusa but the group said no. The group wants to leave to pursue a thing that he doesn't agree with. It was lookin bad. Reaching out he decided to ask Chronia, the unintentional time-lord, to come with them. If Chronia completed the pilgrimage to the 3 sites with them, she could gain the Loa's power and remove her time-disease, and maybe help her sisters too. If the Loa wasn't lying to everyone, maybe she could live a normal life like she always wanted.

We called it there. If the group wants to do this, Chronia will travel with them. They made a strong enough case for it, and narratively it could be neat- It's an uncontrollable power that could be positive or negative, but is attached to an alcoholic person. It's a hook for Luchadoriole to care about the group's quest to do the Loa's thing. It's taking a sheltered, lonely person around the world to explore and discover with her.

I could go either way. We'll decide next week.


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