Maze of the Blue Medusa

Session 17

No one else talk tonight okay

This week I talked for 2 hrs and told you all what's up.

You guys chased the Curator into a giant mosaic map-room made of a seemingly unlimited number of colored bricks. Someone identifying themselves as Loa used them bricks to hold the Curator in place, and asked what you wanted to do with it.

The choice was basically hold fornow, hold forever, or kill, and kill was the result. Curator done gone, down into the bricky sea.

The map-room was a map room of the world (Mlot) and the voice claimed to be a proto-god. It said that mortals are its powerless descendants, and it pitied you. It wants to raise mortals back up from their powerlessness, but has rules it needs to abide by- historically, it gave the Elephant King the gift of foresight, and the Perfect Three their gifts. Both were misused and wasted, the Medusa took both.

Its request: Go to the south pole, the Cobalt Reach. Find the pool in the cave. Draw its mark on an item of your choosing. Take that item to three locations in the world. At each location, find and kill a guardian, then find a stone seal and break it. Return to the pool at the Cobalt Reach within one year, and the Loa's mark will be forever inscribed in the surface of Mlot, and each of you will gain temporary near-unlimited power to change your world. Any who walk your path- from the Reach to each location and back- will gain the same boon.

Luchadoriole thought it was a waste- you  all have the capacity to change your world without introducing chaos like this. Classy was into it completely. I think Otto and Jisu were down, though people did point out some holes in the Loa's story. It did not attempt to answer your inquiries there.

It did tell you the direction of an exit to the maze, however. Whether or not you guys do that and do what it wants is a decision that's still up in the air, I think.


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