Maze of the Blue Medusa

Session 21

Spreading the no-sleeve gospel

This time, you were made more aware of a comet in the sky, sort of like that weird Sigmar comet in Warhammer or the red comet in Game of Thrones. It's been there for a day or so. Ekka, a dwarf who doesn't believe you're Loa, said so. He's not from here. He took you around town for a nominal fee and took the 24 gremlins off your hands. 

Jisu spent some time trying to steal the most expensive thing he could find. He did, but was spotted by a child on the way out. Maybe that's a thing later.

Everyone else got some exposition. You're all in a cave on an island called Elatior, a few day's sail from the western coast of the mainland, or a couple week's sail from the Velvet Horizon. The port city has been cut off for a couple decades now. Rigatoni came in from the outside world and told everyone the staircase- which is this culture's afterlife- was stupid and he'd prove it, and organized a group to steal their way inside. They succeeded and have been vilified in all the religious texts, and the Duke cut off all ties with boats, basically.

Ekka says there's still a small, relatively unknown smuggling outfit on the other side of the island, past the farmland, if that's your intent. The CEO's intent was to convince everyone he's a captain of the local religious order of Knights, and also convince them that sleeveless robes are 'in' and are a thing now. He's gotten… 4 people to do it so far? We'll see how long that lasts. Everyone rested at an inn run by Alan Tudyk and his wife- both now sleeveless- and got a map from a local shop. I'll upload that and your known world map a bit later.


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