Maze of the Blue Medusa

Session 20

The leavening

This week, the group said some goodbyes and left Luchadoriole in the maze to continue to fight crime. People drank some really old wine and hopped across a charcoal room like Mario, breaking delicate charcoal flowers and pictures in the process. They saw the Lion in Lapis Lazuli, hanging from a rope in another room, giving Jisu blamey-eyes. They found an exit, stairs down, and downed them.

Some interdimensional tomfoolery happened and they emerged in a temple room of sorts. Russet got hammered and hammered some ancient tablets out of the floor. Classy took inscriptions from them and Jisu read them, they talked about the responsibilities of the Bondye Reparaté aka the space/heaven-janitors and read like a cross between a job posting and the Ten Commandments. The CEO stole a tablet. It had info on Rigatoni and his usurpers.

People outside got scared upon seeing the group and shouted "Sha'illeusaya!" and yelled that a bunch and ran away, leaving their golden spears. In searching around it looked like the stairs were a holy symbol and they were yelling about the End Times, having seen people come up out of the stairs, which happen to be their afterlife. The group is demons what come from the ground. There's a bunch of buildings underground and they had things like holy texts and costumes (disguises) and fresh rope and lanterns. The CEO dressed up and I think bit off part of a ceramic mask.

Eventually a magic fountain happened and the group found themselves in a marketplace inside a large crater. A dwarf laughed and said something about a comet, and it seems like most of the market-people either took off or are hiding. The sky is there! There's a sky! That's pretty cool. Exits abounded in this one.


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