Maze of the Blue Medusa

Session 18


This time we were short on players, so not a whole lot happened.

You guys left the map room after debating which direction to go. The options were to try and best the moon-man Torgos Zooth and his DC-Comics-Bane-Badger-friend and Pan's-Labyrinth-Snake-Hand-Eye-friend, or go south, in the direction you came from. Being light on people you went south.

After a short altercation with the Bondye Reparaté, space-janitors who thought you were Loa and offered granola bars, you continued south into the 4D-Willow room and got jumped by a couple Chameleon-ladies. Classy saw them but opted to stick her tongue out at them rather than do anything. They webbed Classy and Jisu to the floor and opened a portal in the willow, from which a feral looking chameleon man with a pearlescent orb and 2 emaciated humanoids stepped through. The gateway led to a solid, almost monochromatic room made of stone. That's a boring sentence to end on.


allens1015 allens1015

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