Maze of the Blue Medusa

Session 13

This is a TV show and these are all episodes

Otto, driven by his need for planets and moon-guardians, convinced the group to check out the nearby orrery.

Taking the un-trapped secret door to the southwest, you found a room filled with knick-knacks. Classy found a glowing moth named Corbin who hangs out with murderers, Otto found 7 stone salve jars with a note from the L.G. to use them wisely, and Luchadoriole found a penangallan named Oenanthe. She's into drugs. Lucha convinced her that the Maniphant, her charge, is totally okay and on vacation with the Cryptosaur but don't go looking in that room, it's all fine. She joined the party I guess, but is candy-flipping right now so don't ask her stuff.

After passing through Rebecca Black's funerary room, you guys found an orrery overrun with vines. Charmington reminded you that vines have historically never done a good thing for anyone. After murdering helpless vines to release the orrery's mechanisms, Otto gained hazy glimpses of the future. Luchadoriole didn't know what he was looking at.

On the other side of the room, Classy and Jisu discovered a stone door inscribed with the phrase "let those without avarice enter" and a golden skull-handle with a keyhole. Charmy tried to open the door with the key you guys had but it didn't work. This seems like a future-Jisu-job to me!

Also I think Otto found a man on the orrery's moon with an axe in front of a ziggurat/spire, which are 2 different things I know. We're working on it. He took the tiny axe.


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