Maze of the Blue Medusa

Session 12

I forgot some things

This time, I forgot to write up a write-up for 3 weeks. Also this time, you matched wits with the Cryptosaur, last of her kind, a dinosaur-riddle-sphinx from the Jurassic era. She found your wits sufficient. CEO hid in a pile of bodies and left forever, and emerging from the fleshy hill was Ted "Dan" Hugh Man. The Cryptosaur is alive and you better not tell her riddles to anyone. She pointed you at the Maniphant.

Upon seeing a clean room to the left and a dingy room to the right, you all went right, towards Quadri-Glotta, the Prophetic Maniphant. No one questioned what those words meant.

The Maniphant was a man-elephant with four tongues that shouted secrets, most of which I have forgotten. One important one was that there were 3 exits to the maze: one would change nothing, one would change a little instantly, and one would change a lot in the future.

Otto killed it with a boulder. From its mangled tongue-corpse people found a ring of SR 15, a CHA ioun stone, and  CON ioun stone. I don't remember what else. 2 secret doors though!


allens1015 allens1015

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